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what we expect--studio etiquette...

At IndoCycle, we have worked very hard to create an environment where you can focus on YOU! Step inside and release the rigors of life for just a little while. Please follow a few simple requests on the following topics:

1. TALKING: This one is very simple. Please do not talk in class; not on the phone and not between bikes. Keep your cell in the cubbie. Be respectful of others in class who decide to leave the outside behind.

2. TYPING: Texting and/or typing on your phone or Blackberry is not permitted on the bike. It is not safe and is distracting to those around you.

3. CLOTHING: There is just no delicate way to say this, but please wear clean clothes to class. We cycle in a pack and feed off of the energy of fellow riders. Please help to make the experience as plesant as possible.

4. CLEANING UP: While IndoCycle is a full service facility, please respect the space. Recycle your water bottle and place your dirty towel in the laundry basket. Please wipe down your bike before you leave the spin floor.

5. RIDING AND THE ROUTINE: Each ride is absolutely your own, so please feel comfortable riding at your own pace. There is a certain positive energy to be gained from riding with the group. Should you decide not to follow the instructor, please select a bike in the back row and if you need to leave early, please do so quietly.

6. ENJOYING: Have a great time!

getting started--class procedures...

In order to reserve a bike for class, you must first purchase a class series or membership. Click here to select the package just right for you. We offer ride series, membership and drop in (pre-approval required) options and accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Payment via PayPal and check may be arranged inside the studio.

reserving your bike

Now that you have purchased your class, you may use the online reservation system up to one hour before a scheduled class.  Phone reservations must be made by calling the studio at 404.209.7656.  Please call 48 hours in advance. If a class is without reservations up to one hour prior to its start time, that class may be cancelled without additional notice.  Walk ins are welcome subject to the sme requirements.what to wear


Dressing for class is easy....just be comfortable! No specialty items are required, but you will work up a sweat and will likely feel better in a short-sleeved or sleeveless top made of a moisture wicking fabric along with tights (that are fitted at the knee or ankle) or biking shorts of any length.

A heart rate monitor is one of the best tools to have in spin class to help you with your training. It is the best way to assess how effectively you are working but is not mandatory for class.

If you do not have your own spin shoes, a hard sole athetic shoe must be brought to class.  Cycling shoes will allow you to clip onto the pedals to improve the form of your pedal stroke and will decrease foot fatigue.  SDP clip shoes will be provided based on size availibility with preference given in the following order: members, ride series holders, and drop ins. 

Be sure to bring appropriate shoes to class in the event we can not accommodate your shoe size.  You will not be allowed to participate without proper shoes.

gift cards

Please inquire via email or at the studio.


BE CONSIDERATE......If you are unable to attend your scheduled session, please cancel (24 hours in advance and the class is returned to your account for use at a later date ) or late cancel (at least 30 minutes prior opens a slot for someone else).  Refunds are not given.   If you do not cancel your reservation timely, the class will be deducted from your series. You may cancel online or by calling the studio 24 hours in advance.          



If you are unable to reserve a bike because the class is full, please be sure to add yourself to the waitlist. Should a bike become available, you will be added to the class in the order you appear on the waitlist. Additions are made up to two hours before the start of class, so if you no longer want a bike, you must remove yourself from the waitlist. Once you are added to a class, you will not be able to cancel without penalty. 

If you do not get into a class from the waitlist, the reservation will be returned to your series to be used at a later time.  Be sure to keep your contact information updated so that we may communicate with you.

Refunds on class series, membership or workshop purchases are not given.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for additional topics and questions. Don't see yours, please email us: